Second Grade Special Report

January 2009


Language Arts

        In your child’s agenda, I attached a blue piece of paper indicating his/her AR reading level and goal for January. We will be starting Unit 4 of our Scholastic Reading Series.  Our focus will be on the elements of fairy tales.  The students will be reading, listening, and writing fairy tales.   While reading fairy tales we will discuss the comprehension strategies of plot, theme, character, cause/effect. In addition, we will be learning about homophones and possessives.


We completed our daily practice of addition facts.  We have started to practice subtraction.  We will continue to introduce new facts weekly.  Subtraction tends to be more difficult so please review these facts with your child as they come home.

Throughout the last month we have learned about trading pennies for dimes (carrying/regrouping), fractions, adding money, and line segments.



Winter weather is here!  Please mark your child’s winter clothing with his/her name because we find many items in the hallway.  It is also a good idea for the second graders to keep an extra sweater or sweatshirt in their lockers because our room tends to get cool by the afternoon in the winter months.


Penguin Day

 Last week we celebrated winter(On the what turned out to be the coldest day of the season!) with a penguin day.  The students researched penguins on the computer and participated in some fun penguin activities.  Happy Winter!!















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